Website So Deposit Credit Without Deductions

The website can carry out transactions on , members are required to complete personal Bank Data. Make sure to fill in this information clearly, correctly & in detail, starting from the Account Name using good and correct mahjong ways 2 Indonesian words, including the use of uppercase and lowercase letters, including the use of the logo “.” (Legal) if there is. Check again whether the Account Number is correct or valid.

The account name can be automatically saved in the information and then become the name on the profile. You can change the information in the form of adding a new account, so the method is only to receive money and then transfer the money to you via the ideal account number first created.

In order to maintain security in transactions and also prevent misuse by other parties, deposits are only considered valid if they have been entered into our account transfer. Therefore, transactions are recommended at ideal online hours. Transactions during offline hours can only be processed slot server thailand no 1 if they have been entered into account transfers during the ideal online bank operational hours again.

Each bank’s online and offline hours are different and can also vary depending on the bank’s policies. For Fund Withdrawal transactions, it’s as easy as selecting the Cashier menu, then filling in the form. To determine the success or failure of the method for depositing and withdrawing funds, you can carry out checks via our site then select the Report menu. With strict transaction conditions, Starlight Princess is a guarantee of transaction security, so you don’t have to be suspicious anymore.

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